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You are the artist of your own life. Why not create a masterpiece?

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Accounting Your Blessings™

A 30-Day Course in Gratitude, Prosperity, and Abundance Action

This powerful course puts a creative twist on the practice of a "Gratitude Journal" and adds a whole new dimension to practicing an abundant life. Each day, for 30 days, you'll spend a few minutes "doing the books" -- only you'll be counting your blessings, instead of your pennies!

You'll receive a daily PDF file with a sheet from your special accounting ledger. Just like the ledger books of days gone by, this ledger will allow you to keep track of your prosperity "account"...and see your balance grow and grow and grow!

The course guides you through entering "deposits" and "values" for the things for which you are grateful, and accounting for "small change" - the changes and shifts that you are observing and noticing. At the end of each week, you'll be guided through balancing the week's entries, and filling out a special "Good Time" sheet.

Along with your accounting sheet, you'll also receive a daily Abundance Action, a brief lesson containing instructions for a simple action that you can take throughout the day to attract prosperity.

For a mere
40 cents a day
, ($12.00) this course will support you in feeling a sense of personal wealth unlike anything you've ever experienced!

                                                                                       Are you ready to open YOUR abundance account?

Miracle Soup™

A life-changing course that guides you through a day-to-day process of noticing, intuiting, and creating miracles in your life.

Based on the concept that whatever we focus on is what we experience, Miracle Soup provides unique daily exercises (called "Miracle Recipes") to help you SEE the miracles that are everywhere around you, as a "first step" in claiming your own power to create miracles at will. You even get a workbook of "Miracle Recipe Cards" to help track your progress.

In addition to the daily Miracle Recipes, weekly "Miracle Menus", in a downloadable eWorkbook format, provide extra explorations to go above and beyond the week's material. A downloadable "Miracle Recipe Book" is also provided, to help you track your progress through the lessons and your increasing magnetism to miracles.

The "Recipes" and "Menus" consist of original exercises as well as those that draw upon the work of both ancient and modern-day spiritual masters, with a creative, no-nonsense spin that makes the processes especially accessible to anyone. No spiritual training, background, or even BELIEF is necessary…just come to the course with an open mind and see what can happen!

The low price of this course makes it an easy investment with the potential to completely turn your life around. Aren't you ready to start your miracles cooking? 30 day self-paced ecourse $29.00