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Think You Can

You are the artist of your own life. Why not create a masterpiece?

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The Muse Strikes

The Wealthcare series is geared to encourage creative right-brain thinking. Sometimes we hold a “poverty mindset” and may not even realize it is there.  Because we don’t recognize this in our lives, our prosperity might be blocked.  
   Each ecourse in the series combines the spiritual end of attracting prosperity with practical tools that help you express yourself through writing and art (don’t worry—no art or writing experience necessary!). All of these ecourses step away from the usual serious side of metaphysical practices to delve into the playful aspects of creative life transformation. 

Accounting Your Blessings™
A 30-Day Course in Gratitude, Prosperity, and Abundance Action

Do you keep a gratitude journal? If not this ecourse is a great place to start! If you already do have a gratitude practice, this course will enhance your own practice. This powerful course puts a creative twist on keeping a "Gratitude Journal" adding a whole new dimension to practicing an abundant life.Each day for 30 days, you'll spend a few minutes "doing the books" -- only you'll be counting your blessings, instead of your pennies!

You will receive a daily PDF file with a sheet from your special accounting ledger. This ledger will allow you to keep track of your prosperity "account"...and see your balance grow and grow and grow! 

The course guides you through entering "deposits" and "values" for the things for which you are grateful, and accounting for "small change" - the changes and shifts that you are observing and noticing. At the end of each week, you'll be guided through balancing the week's entries, and filling out a special "Good Time" sheet.

Along with your accounting sheet, you'll also receive a daily Abundance Action, a brief lesson containing instructions for a simple action that you can take throughout the day to attract prosperity.   Just $12.00 gets you 30 days of beautiful emails like the one below  Note: your PayPal receipt has the url to click through to start your ecourse. Any problems, just email

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