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You are the artist of your own life. Why not create a masterpiece?

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The Muse Strikes
Like many of you, I also write. I hope you are taking the time to write about what is important to you!



O muse

come gently into my mind,

then get out your power broom

and sweep out all those cobwebs

bring me back to myself

away from the madness of daily life

and please, could you bring

chocolate and champagne?





It is no small thing,

this tiny shaft of July sunlight

traveling almost 90 million miles

on this hot day piercing

a window in a  LoringPark bar

to dazzle dust motes,

gild this narrow lemon wedge

balanced on the edge of my glass,

blaze through ice in my drink,

outline every golden hair on my

hand as it moves up to parched lips.


Time of Your Life


I fall asleep scheduling tomorrow,

Project X due by  yesterday, employee reviews, meetings, meetings,

pick up dry cleaning, plan a party,

call the children, get groceries.

My pocket calendar flips page after page

by itself, each hour penciled, no, inked in

no minutes left in any day,

not even any seconds.


Whatever happened to all the time I saved

using the express lane,

cooking minute rice

instant cereals

using elevators

and airplanes?


Tick toc, screw the clock.

I sleep late.



 I am a woman


who has learned to let go.

From whom much has been taken

and much has been given.


I am a woman

of words and sometimes music

but I do not write or sing or talk enough.


I am a woman whose mouth, music, pen have been stopped by grief

grief I cannot measure

can only count the names

Bert, Leo, Bernice, Kathryn, Dorothy, Kendall

and look at the spaces  left by what has been taken.


And Just to Say


I want to lie about my brother,

tell you he is fine,

it is too difficult a lie,

and just to say I love

my brother is easy,

it comes out automatically,

like please and thank you, you're welcome.


Living it is  hard

watching him self-destruct

a million times in his lifetime

wanting no help, keeping company

with needles, pills, bottles


always thinking love was something

to be stolen, like money,

spent and never given back,

just move to the next love bank

and hold it up, mask on

no one knows for sure who he is.


And just to say I love

my brother is easy.




What I Have to Say


I say stop--slow down.


I say watch the spaces between clouds, hear the silence before the morning light changes.


I say stop swallowing words

spit them out and get on with it.


I say see what life has brought you.

Sort everything, fold it, put it in the right basket,just like you always have.


Now throw everything up into the air.

Watch it land in different places.


Throw away your basket.. 

Now pick up the pieces that still fit your life.


Call the trash collector to pick up the rest.