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Think You Can

You are the artist of your own life. Why not create a masterpiece?

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The Muse Strikes


Wake Up! Your Life is Happening 


Don't You Want to be Happening, Too?

Is this you?

  • I'm feeling stuck
  • My life has changed, but I haven't and I'd like to
  • My life hasn't changed, but I'd like it to
  • The creativity muse stopped talking to me
  • I've gotten this far in my life and I'm pretty sure it isn't where I want to be



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And is this you, too?

  • I'm feeling challenged by changes I want to make
  • I'd like an ally on my journey to change
  • I want to be listened to and really heard
  • I want the power and commitment of accountability

An ARTbundance™ Coach is a unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity teacher and spiritual guide.


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Through coaching, you can

  • discover what you really, really want
  •  clarify and align your true values with the life you want
  • reduce stress
  • let go of fears that are holding you back 
  • create a life vision and set goals to get there
  • become more self-aware
  • use art to get to the heart of your concerns quickly and have fun doing it
  • gain self-confidence

ARTbundance's unique training allows me to greatly assist clients in accessing and using their creativity in powerful ways for greater awareness, joy, prosperity and meaning in life.



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Karen Karsten, CPCC, ACC 


Think You Can LLC